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Our Vision

At Mainstay Veterinary Practice Resort our priority is cultivating an environment of balance for companion pets. We aim to do this through structured socialization experiences, individual enrichment activities, and training programs tailored to our guests’ needs; as well as relationship-building fundamental education for the MVPR team and owners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an individual caregiving program including activities, enrichment, socialization and training plan according to the needs of each guest entrusted in our care.

The MVPR Experience


As an extension of Mainstay Veterinary Practice, we give our clients peace of mind knowing that we’re directly connected to their trusted veterinary team.

Daily Enrichment

Our individualized caregiving programs include daily 10-minute, one-on-one enrichment sessions that offer your dog daily tailored training designed to stimulate their minds. Our curriculum changes monthly to guarantee maximum fun and excitement for your furry companions!

Report Card

An exciting feature within our client portal is the report card, which allows you to track your pups’ behavioral and social progress in real time.  From cute moments that include daily pictures and videos, to a peak into your pup’s daily enrichment session with their caregiving team, you’ll always be in the loop!


Our philosophy of creating individualized caregiving programs allows us to tailor each of our guest’s experiences to their unique set of needs and abilities.

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Ensure your furry friend meets our health requirement by uploading their medical records to their pet portal! 

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Canine companions must complete an Initial Consult + Temperament Evaluation before starting services.

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